faithful forty: day 16

Image: Sierra Shultz – Pixabay

The whisper gets a bit louder… Like an outside voice, but in my head. It’s called intuition, though some may call it some other psychosis/neurosis. This is an intense memory that Id like to share. One that happened in 2006. It’s hard to believe that so much time has gone by.

I was driving home one night, from having dinner with a friend. It was around 9:30 at night. I was on Interstate I-25, and there wasn’t a lot of traffic that night, in fact, just a few spattering of cars going in either direction. I saw what looked like a very big dog on the side of the road, and slowed down to avoid hitting the animal. However, as I got closer and moved over to the fast lane (left lane – 2 lanes on this interstate highway) I saw this wasn’t a big dog, but a bear.

As I slowed down, it literally walked in front of me, and I couldn’t stop, or avoid it. It was so bizarre, that I couldn’t think logically. I was driving a rental that night. It had air bags. The airbag deployed, and I couldn’t see what was going on in front of me. The loud blaring of the horn on the wheel went off, and I couldn’t stop it. The car wouldn’t turn off when I turned the ignition. It was like all hell broke loose in those few seconds.

I couldn’t see where I was going even though I had slowed down, the airbag was blocking my view. I prayed for help. And I heard a voice. Not mine, but a calm one; it seemed far away, while being very close. It said, pull over to the shoulder now. Just slightly, turn left. And I did. And it was perfectly parked on the shoulder by the time I stopped the car.

A semi-truck had stopped further up the interstate. He had parked on the shoulder. He walked down to where I was. He asked if I was okay. He said he saw the whole thing. That the bear had kept spinning until it landed on the shoulder that had railings. It appeared to have died on impact. Had I been driving my old Chevy – I wouldn’t have made it. The bear would have flipped and gone through my windshield killing us both.

I was shocked, scared, and upset that I had killed this bear. I was okay. In fact, I had a badly bruised nail on my ring finger, left hand. I had a bruise on my right forearm, but that was it. But the bear was gone. I ended its life.

For a long time, I felt guilty. What could I have done to avoid this? I slowed down, I moved over to the fast lane, I thought I had done everything right. Instead, she (female 150lbs) met her fate with me on that day. I didn’t go to work the next day. I was too upset and depressed. To make things worse, a truck had stopped before the police got there, and were thinking about snatching her. They thought it was a great opportunity. The police came, the forest people came, my friend came to pick me up and take me home, as I was just a mile or so away from the exit that led to my place.

The moral of the story? Sometimes, your intuition will lead you to places you wouldn’t go, just to avoid disasters, or accidents, or whatever may come. The place may be emotional, or physical. I just can’t stress it enough, listen to your intuition, and know that when you pray, your prayers will be answered.

Many blessings folks,

Keep on keeping on. – Sandi