Faithful Forty: Day 33


My mom and I went plant-shopping today… I’m so looking forward to planting these beauties. I also bought a rose bundle. Soon, it will sprout beautiful and vibrant petals; proof that spring is here.

Very rarely do I intentionally shop for plants and flowers. I just felt inspired and couldn’t ignore the warming and gorgeous days as of late out here in northern New Mexico. Who could?!

I like planting bulbous plants because they’re perennial – in this case, hyacinths. They bloom once every year, and it’s great to have something to look forward to. I’m not a plant pro, but I like getting my hands dirty, and seeing the results right before my eyes!

I am looking forward to updating my handiwork, but in the meantime, what are you going to plant this spring? Can be literal or figurative…

Happy planting! Many blessings, Sandi.

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  1. I love hyacinths! They’re one of my favorites💗 I wish I could plant some flowers and vegetables, but I’m a little limited on outdoor space considering we live in an apartment😅

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    1. Awhh, bummer! I’ll plant one in your name and call it Jaimie 🙏🏼!

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      1. That sounds lovely!🤗

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      2. I’ll DM you the pic!

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