faithful forty: day 34

Exotic Angel Plant

I wish I could write a light-hearted post, but today, I learned a big and difficult lesson: I have failed at fighting the right battles. That’s right – I failed. Am failing.

This plant (above pic), is very beautiful, fragile, and vibrant all at the same time. As I near my 40th post, I’m taking stock of my reality. I surrender. I surrender to life, cycles, God’s plan. My hands up in the air, I fold upon myself as if I was ready to be reborn.

Many blessings, Sandi

Published by Sandi Martinez

At the moment, creativity has no limits. I am freeing my inner chaos into lines, shadows, and shapes: Divinedoodleits, and words... Does it really matter how inner-work shows itself? Keep creating folks, divine inspiration is everywhere! Your journey has no beginning and no ending. Share with others' your inspiration, be it through art, music, jewelry, gardening, or whatever form it comes in! Many blessings 🙏🏼, Sandi

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