Divine Inspiration

Sandi’s Sacred Spritz should be affordable; I’m accepting donations for this one. Pay what you can!

100 Giveaway

Starting today, April 24, 2021, I’m giving away 100 bottles FREE Sandi’s Sacred Spritz, 2oz spray bottles. Ovehlu@gmail.com. Email me for instructions on how to claim your free Spritz! From the heart, with love, Sandi.🙏

Budding Trees

I came to say the wicked in their ways fall away as fickle, fragile, dry, brittle much can be said as little gone awry you and I the dry earth crackles and creaks it is my thirst my survival seeks I see you the reflection in my leaves leave me dry or water me high…

The Art of Feeling at Peace

‘It’s silly to overthink it – peace will always be welcome as long as you make room for it.’. I agree.

Bring yourself

When was the last time you asked yourself anything of really, true, deep, and self-loving intentions?

Gone fishing

Illusion is everything… or not? We choose what we see, we see what we choose. I see a woman juggling. But maybe she’s performing a samurai dance? Or she’s fishing? I see all of it. All actions and those unseen, at the same time in different dimensions. In fact, the image itself, wasn’t intentional. Life…