Clouded (harvest) moon

Full moon (Harvest moon) 9/20/2021

Sometimes I forget how adventurous it can be to let my dogs out for their last business thing at night. My little one Azra, was jumping around like a little pony barking at who knows what. and Benji my Bichon Frise, was on full alert, while watering a few weeds.

I looked up to the sky and saw this amazing moon trying to show off, but couldn’t because the clouds kept wanting to keep it secret. In tarot, the Moon card is number 18, but often shows up in traditional decks as roman numerals: XVIIl, in this case.

Why is this important? The moon in tarot symbolizes illusions. Fears, deception, hidden truths, white lies, maybe big lies, and so forth. The moon and its tides, affect the oceans, and in fact, us; our physical bodies. If we are indeed made up of over 60% of water, depending on your age apparently… then why wouldn’t we be affected by the pull of the moon and its gravitational pull, on the tidal waves on earth?

Similary, on deep sub-conscious levels and why there may be so many visits to the ER during full moons, is that we are connected in such a way, energetically, in quantum reality, not even I can begin to understand, but do, because of my own reactions to full moons. I’m not a scientist… we all know that by now if you’ve been reading my blog for a minute, numerology, and my early pic of the not-yet-full-moon, is interesting.

Yesterday, was the 18th (the numerology for the moon), today, unknowingly, I took the cool pic above, the 19th, and tomorrow, is the actual full moon, 20th. If you add up all numbers, they are 18=9, 19=10, and 20=2. Do these numbers mean anything to you? Consequently, the roman numeral XIX=19, depicts the Sun in the tarot, following the moon in tarot. Moon and sun.

Unfortunately, then (or fortunately) Mercury retrograde starts on September 27, 2021 in Libra. Once again, if we add 9+2+7=18 (you get the moon numerology number again) which add backs to the number 9. In Numerology: endings and new beginnings. The point at which we can look back and rake in all our experiences and knowledge, and know how we came to know what we know. A good example is the female human pregnancy cycle of 9 months. How about when we turn 18, at least here in the US, we’re FREE! Considered adults. But are we FREE!? How about the nine Choirs of Angels? Shall I continue? It is indeed a divine and sacred number.

So, what were you doing about 4 months ago during the last retrograde, May 29-June 22? These last for about 3 weeks folks, so too will this one.

My job is done. I’ve brought your attention to this full moon and the upcoming retro! Many blessings, and hang in there, it’s temporary! Sandi

Published by Sandi Martinez

At the moment, creativity has no limits. I am freeing my inner chaos into lines, shadows, and shapes: Divinedoodleits, and words... Does it really matter how inner-work shows itself? Keep creating folks, divine inspiration is everywhere! Your journey has no beginning and no ending. Share with others' your inspiration, be it through art, music, jewelry, gardening, or whatever form it comes in! Many blessings 🙏🏼, Sandi

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