Reflections (& Acequias)

This vid was taken in northern New Mexico. Community ditches, or ‘acequias’, are used for irrigation on farm land for growing alfalfa, watering livestock, or gardening… the water here is low. It’s time to limit the consumption of water, as it is now fall and not needed. The process can be very complicated, but most certainly a huge star in Spanish heritage. No, you don’t have to be of Spanish/Hispanic descent to water your farms through acequias!

I also was taken by the reflections and fallen leaves in this vid. A strange sadness came over me and I realized, the fall is the bridge to winter. The season that calls for silence and inner bundling. It’s the reflection of the leaves and flowers as they release from their home and to the ground – where they mingle with the earth; a coming home of sorts.

I’m asking myself: where are my leaves landing? Is it home?

Many blessings folks! Sandi

In between color

Lines, curves, bleeding colors: Sandi’s doodleits

A bold move…

It’s like a bold move to draw a line, but it takes on its own life, and grows curves. An attempt to bend, but colors dictate every stroke. Until you’re left to helplessly blend and bleed. Many blessings, 🙏🏼 Sandi – O’vehlu

Strings attached

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Strings are useful. Shoestrings for example, need them… I can name many good reasons why strings are super, uber, useful. Today, I found out how I could do with a few strings attached and those not needed. And why, they can feel like a chain – the only thing missing is the lock without the key.

The reality is, we need things from others and others’ need things from us. This is the way of the human. I found myself in a win-not win situation. I remind myself that I’ve lived half a century, therefore, I am primed to shoot for Win-Wins.

The problem? A string attaches to the beginning and doesn’t exist at the end. Thus, my problem. A string with a beginning but no end, or, a beginning, but jagged and ripped edges throughout. Which means it could at any time rip and tear apart. Right before the start.

My advice? Follow the string… if it leads to a very good and strong piece of something wonderful, do! If not, let it go. Simple.

Many blessings folks! Take good care of yourselves and others.


Watch “We fall 🍂 in the fall” on YouTube

INTJs – Aries tarot read

All beautiful things come with time

Looks like time was needed here… we have some space and distance that seems to have smoothed some unruly and difficult feelings/emotions. Possible reconciliation as is so spotlighted through Mercury Retro which ends on 10/18/21. Many blessings, and keep up the good work!


Pre-Lenten challenge: day 62

Holding the Egg

Day 62 of 75 countdown. 62 days from today, Dec 30, 2021, before lent begins on March 2, 2022. Why am I doing this? This challenge? Last year, I wrote Faithful Forty – 46 days, technically 40 days of writing. About the things we sacrifice, or should I say I sacrifice. Though I like to include all of you who find yourselves reading my blog (Thank you!).

This time, it’s Pre-Lent. I can’t give a solid answer on the why of why I’m writing these entries. Just that I guess it’s a preparation for all things changing and molding into something… From Dec. 17th – March 2nd. I challenge myself to write diligently and faithfully. For me, for you, for all who would like to write something meaningful somehow, someway.

I find myself being careful. As if I’m handling a very delicate object. Holding it in my hand like an egg perhaps. And maybe that’s the whole point: hold everything gently as I head out of a challenging year, into a more comforting, soft, blanket. Being held and holding others in this soft, warm, blanket. How did I get to an egg in my hand, to a blanket? Don’t you just love how things happen in blogs? How writing can get you from point A to F in a few seconds flat!

I challenge you. In your own way, to prepare for something awesome to birth in the new year, but also to ask yourself what you are willing to sacrifice during lent. If you celebrate it. Whatever it is, do it with passion.

Many blessings, Sandi

As my focus is to doodle, the Divine changes it

The artist begins with lines, shapes, and sizes. My process in doodledum is simple: lose control of pen, let my thoughts tangle – let my heart quiet. What’s the next doodle?

Sandi – O’vehlu.

Many Blessings 🙌🏻🙏🏻