Garbage time

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

It’s that time – throw what no longer serves you in the garbage.

By that, I also mean people. No, not literally. Figuratively. Of course. As I reorganize my sacred living space, I also seem to be losing a few people here and there. I don’t think it’s just about living space. I think it’s about everything. As we decide what works and doesn’t, it’s just natural for things to fade away.

It’s also tricky when the mental/emotional side of things is also out there… waiting to be reviewed, experienced, and judged. What makes us available? What defines growth in all ways? When the help you were getting is useless, demeaning, and supposed to be mental health support of some kind? Really?

Who deems us worthy? What do we deem trash? Things to be sorted and labeled ‘trash’. We all are going through the ringer in some way… shouldn’t we be able to keep things labeled, ‘gold’? Like the support we do have in the people we know we can count on.

The ones who find different ways to say, ‘I’m here, and though I can’t give you a thousand-dollar check, I’m still here. I love you and I just want you to know that.

folks, these are the precious jewels in our lives that we treasure. During Christmas time especially, remember, there’s a gift in everyone we love and the things that do serve us. But can you tell the difference?

Be the gold you are given in thousands of ways to others. That’s enough. It will always be enough.

Many blessings folks, Sandi.

Published by Sandi Martinez

At the moment, creativity has no limits. I am freeing my inner chaos into lines, shadows, and shapes: Divinedoodleits, and words... Does it really matter how inner-work shows itself? Keep creating folks, divine inspiration is everywhere! Your journey has no beginning and no ending. Share with others' your inspiration, be it through art, music, jewelry, gardening, or whatever form it comes in! Many blessings 🙏🏼, Sandi

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