Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 74

Use your words

Image by yohoprashant on Pixabay

The silence is deafening. It would appear words accumulate in my body somewhere. Trying to get out. Wondering what the point is, even if the words make their way out. One way or another.

It’s like asking why bother talking to each other?

Is that why communication – meaningful communication, is severely lacking in this 3D world? Maybe it’s easier to chat in 5D? Is that the place where souls do meet and interact? Like the real thing? So that when we bother with the 3D world, it’s actually not all that important?

What is 5D? “The fifth dimension is difficult to directly observe, though the Large Hadron Collider provides an opportunity to record indirect evidence of its existence.”

I wonder, are our dreams a form of 5D? If that’s the case, I don’t think I personally need a Large Hadron Collider to prove it in my case. After all, don’t we bump into other dimensions throughout our day without a clue that we do that? Like breathing…

My point? Please communicate clearly, directly, honestly, frankly, and with grace, with your words. Use your words.