Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 71

Thank you Little Ones

I’m dedicating this 71st Pre-Lenten post to Coco (RT). She was recently euthenized. Her companion is Samson, my little guy (crossed over the rainbow in 2014). This pic was taken in 2012 – the mirror year of 2021. Coco is my sister’s family dog, but also was my girl. I pet-sat her, loved her, watched movies with her, walked her, she walked me, and I shared private things with her. She was a great listener.

My nieces, Marissa (17), and Ana 13), though heartbroken, are so incredibly brave. They let her go, and understand in their own ways, that living life can be painful when you are old, tired, and sick. Though this is their fur-baby, I always think that these beliefs will transfer to humans eventually.

I don’t think that there are ways to explain crossing over. Humans, non-humans, other beings… Though excellent accounts are recorded about NDEs, (near death experiences) There are no accounts of crossing over, staying there, and communicating clearly about the other side.

In essence, it’s just another dimension. One of many. We shed human skin, animal skin, whatever-else skin, and we go to that place. An amazing place that can’t be explained or understood with our tiny, human, brains. But our soul knows. Curious? Just ask your soul.

I love you Coco. Thank you for all your love and major cuteness.

Wishing you many blessings – Sandi

Published by Sandi Martinez

At the moment, creativity has no limits. I am freeing my inner chaos into lines, shadows, and shapes: Divinedoodleits, and words... Does it really matter how inner-work shows itself? Keep creating folks, divine inspiration is everywhere! Your journey has no beginning and no ending. Share with others' your inspiration, be it through art, music, jewelry, gardening, or whatever form it comes in! Many blessings 🙏🏼, Sandi

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