Lent – verbal read on Desiderata

Last day of Pre-Lenten Challenge. Poem, Desiderata on YouTube, read aloud by me.

On December 17th, 2021, I began my 75-day Pre-Lenten challenge. I wrote faithfully, posts that might encourage people to do things differently prior to Lent. I’m not sure of my success. But I do know this, it was a challenge for me to write daily for 75 days, daily.

I gave myself that challenge because normally, writing has a cathartic effect on me. I, however, had not been giving myself this gift. The reason why I blog. The real question for me now, is will I keep writing, even if not daily, but most certainly often? Now, let’s move on to Lent.

The three elements of Lent: Prayer, fasting, Almsgiving.

Prayer: simply put, pray more. Pray for anything and everything. What needs healing and comes from your heart.

Fasting: Sometimes this can mean sacrificing foods for a certain length of time. Lent is celebrated for 40 days. So, we give up foods we love during Lent.

Almsgiving: I really like this one, because we are more attuned to thinking about people who might need more; those who are in need, be it money, clothes, or food. This is where maybe we go through our closets and ask ourselves if we wore the same thing during the year, or even last six months? If not, you forgot you had it. Maybe give it to charity? How about close acquaintances that you might not be in touch with regularly, but you check on them via an actual phone call, just to say hi, and how are you? I can go on, and on, with this one but I also encourage you to get creative. Also, do you have to be Christian or Catholic to celebrate Lent? While I personally can’t answer that question and not offend religions, I will only say this: I observe in my own way, even though I’m neither Catholic nor Christian. I deepen, celebrate, and appreciate my relationship with God (not just during Lent).

I welcome any ideas or thoughts on Lent from you all. Today is a beautiful day in so many ways. Thank you for sharing it with me. Many blessings, Sandi.


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    1. Thank you, I appreciate you stopping by!


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