About Sandi

New Mexico True Native!

It really is all in the details

A native New Mexican, I am lucky to be able to access wonderful hiking trails, bathing in sun rays, reveling in crisp blue skies, and am always poised to take that beautiful sunset pic, that can only be found in the southwestern desert.

My two dogs, Benji and Azra, remind every day, that life is precious, and should be treasured, appreciated, and lived fully.

As I try to navigate the stormy waters that we all are collectively trying to weather due to COVID-19, I found myself focusing on myself. Working through my stuff, I’ve found that doodling has given me a voice, as has the inspiration to make a refreshing essential oil spritzers in 2oz. & 4oz. bottles loaded with good stuff: Holy water, blessed by our local priest at St. Thomas church in Abiquiu, NM, purified H20, sea salt, and lavender essential oil (with lemongrass essential oil available by request).

I am blessed with a few gifts ranging from Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, being empathic, to channeling divine guidance, and sometimes loved ones that have passed on.

Simply put: O’vehlu is an angelic word, meaning, ‘Journey to God‘. I will make references to angels and their beauty, inspiration, care, and loyalty. I am visited often by angels, feel their presence, and am reminded always – we are not alone.

Inspiration can come in so many different forms; go for it! Draw it out, write it out, let creativity divinely inspire you however if shows up. That’s what I do here, and it’s my hope you will be inspired to inspire others!

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