Faithful Forty: Day 20

I’ve made a lot of assumptions about people and situations. I’ve done so because people can be predictable.

However, I find I am wrong today. I don’t know that I can advise anyone on how to not make assumptions, but I can say, what if the opposite of what you think is true?

I’m making this short and sweet. And leaving you with that question.

Many blessings, Sandi

faithful forty: day 19

Spring flowers March, 19, 2021

Lent (which is my entire – well mostly – reason for writing Faithful Forty posts) is a time to figure out what you’d like to give up. It’s also a time when we are reminded and most significantly, that Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights prior to his ministry. I’m not a Catholic or Christian. Though I was baptized and received holy communion and all that jazz, when I was a young girl.

Most, if not all believers of these faiths, take part in the rituals connected to lent. So, you may be wondering why am I observing and celebrating lent, if I don’t actively practice Catholicism or Christian beliefs? If I’m talking to a select few of individuals who do practice lent as said faiths, I might be judged. I might be told that my attempts here are not worthy of God’s divine smile and approval. And no judgement by the way if that happens to be people’s opinions. I create blog material for myself, and hope others’ will enjoy it.

I don’t have any logical or religious affiliations regarding my spirituality. I have a connection with God/higher power, etc., and welcome all who happen by this post; all 40 of them. As such, I have a sacred relationship with the divine. That is my reason. I’ve given up, giving up. not much, but it’s a start.

I’ve been wondering what Jesus would be doing now. During His time in meditation: conversing with God. Is Jesus sitting down on a mound full of wonderful desert flowers? Is he walking along a river, or stream, and gently patting His face with a few droplets? What is God telling Jesus? April 3, 2021 is Easter. The day that a miraculous resurrection took place.

I wonder what my 40th post will be? Will I share my own experiences with the endings and beginnings I have achieved during this 40-day observance and celebration? That’s my goal after all. To share. To my future self: way to go on your spiritual climb. Keep climbing.

And so I’ll pass that on to you – with or without religious affiliation – keep climbing, don’t give up. You are not alone. I’m wishing you all many blessings as I continue on this challenging task.

Many blessings, Sandi

Faithful Forty: Day 18

Faithful Forty: Day 18

The truth is

if I counted every petal

only the stalk would remain

any day of the week

and as warm and bright as

the sun

you remain

the beauty that you see

mirrored back every day

though you don’t see it

that way

but it’s true

the soft and ridged petals

pink, red, yellow, all colors

bounce back your beauty

inside, out, in all ways

you are you,

I hope that you can see

what I see

delicate, soft, yet

strong, resilient

don’t forget

when you look in the mirror

you see everyone,

we connect, shine, and reflect

each other.

©Sandi Martinez

Faithful Forty: Day 17

Image: Josemdella-Pixabay

Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children cast ourselves into her arms with perfect confidence. — Saint Francis de Sales

Many blessings, Sandi

faithful forty: day 16

Image: Sierra Shultz – Pixabay

The whisper gets a bit louder… Like an outside voice, but in my head. It’s called intuition, though some may call it some other psychosis/neurosis. This is an intense memory that Id like to share. One that happened in 2006. It’s hard to believe that so much time has gone by.

I was driving home one night, from having dinner with a friend. It was around 9:30 at night. I was on Interstate I-25, and there wasn’t a lot of traffic that night, in fact, just a few spattering of cars going in either direction. I saw what looked like a very big dog on the side of the road, and slowed down to avoid hitting the animal. However, as I got closer and moved over to the fast lane (left lane – 2 lanes on this interstate highway) I saw this wasn’t a big dog, but a bear.

As I slowed down, it literally walked in front of me, and I couldn’t stop, or avoid it. It was so bizarre, that I couldn’t think logically. I was driving a rental that night. It had air bags. The airbag deployed, and I couldn’t see what was going on in front of me. The loud blaring of the horn on the wheel went off, and I couldn’t stop it. The car wouldn’t turn off when I turned the ignition. It was like all hell broke loose in those few seconds.

I couldn’t see where I was going even though I had slowed down, the airbag was blocking my view. I prayed for help. And I heard a voice. Not mine, but a calm one; it seemed far away, while being very close. It said, pull over to the shoulder now. Just slightly, turn left. And I did. And it was perfectly parked on the shoulder by the time I stopped the car.

A semi-truck had stopped further up the interstate. He had parked on the shoulder. He walked down to where I was. He asked if I was okay. He said he saw the whole thing. That the bear had kept spinning until it landed on the shoulder that had railings. It appeared to have died on impact. Had I been driving my old Chevy – I wouldn’t have made it. The bear would have flipped and gone through my windshield killing us both.

I was shocked, scared, and upset that I had killed this bear. I was okay. In fact, I had a badly bruised nail on my ring finger, left hand. I had a bruise on my right forearm, but that was it. But the bear was gone. I ended its life.

For a long time, I felt guilty. What could I have done to avoid this? I slowed down, I moved over to the fast lane, I thought I had done everything right. Instead, she (female 150lbs) met her fate with me on that day. I didn’t go to work the next day. I was too upset and depressed. To make things worse, a truck had stopped before the police got there, and were thinking about snatching her. They thought it was a great opportunity. The police came, the forest people came, my friend came to pick me up and take me home, as I was just a mile or so away from the exit that led to my place.

The moral of the story? Sometimes, your intuition will lead you to places you wouldn’t go, just to avoid disasters, or accidents, or whatever may come. The place may be emotional, or physical. I just can’t stress it enough, listen to your intuition, and know that when you pray, your prayers will be answered.

Many blessings folks,

Keep on keeping on. – Sandi

Faithful Forty: Day 15 – 3/3/2021

Sandi’s Sacred Spritz

Now, what the heck is it? Well, one day, I had this inexplicable inspiration: mix holy water (River Jordan), sea salt, lavender essential oil, and purified water, in this cute little 2.7oz spray bottle. Curious? Click here for more info!

I can’t quite explain how I was inspired to come up with this divine spray/spritz. I wish I could. But like any writer, singer, dancer, artists of all different kinds of creative ilk’s, I’ll just have to say I was divinely guided to do this: it is akin to burning sage – to clear away negative energy and bring clarity and positive vibes to your physical, mental, and spiritual space. It is convenient, and space-saving, and you don’t need matches! Easily fits in a purse, fanny pack, or in your glove box in your car.

I’ve been giving these away. That’s right – FREE. To frontline workers, friends, family, and those I’m simply inspired to give a bottle away to, at any given time. Do you know any frontline workers who would love to immerse themselves in this amazing spritz? You can spray it anywhere really – though I advise you not to spray it on your person if you are sensitive to allergies. Otherwise, knock yourself out… I’m giving these away for a limited time.

Nominate your special person by filling out the form below, and tell me why you think they could use this amazing, protective calming spray, to get them through their day. Shipping cost included. Absolutely FREE, in all ways. Many blessings, Sandi.

Faithful Forty: Day 14

Rumi Quotes

The wound is the place where the Light enters you. – Rumi

Many blessings, Sandi 🙏🏼

Faithful Forty: Day 13


Really! On a Monday?

Unplugged. Undone. Underscored. Uneven. Understood. There really is no assigned day to be unplugged. If it’s not physical/electrical/digital, it’s mental.

And the mental connection is what matters to me today. It’s nice when you can pull a plug from the wall. Or, power off your phone and digital devices. But my brain? Your brain? How? How to unplug? Do you even want to?

I want to. Meditation is always the best and quickest way for me. But performing mindless tasks is also effective. Washing dishes, laundry, sweeping, vacuuming… Anything that has a repetitive movement feels great. It’s that time when my mind wanders. When I’m free to flow mentally and physically at the same time.

That’s my goal today; my first day of March. How else will I welcome and make space for new growth? Many blessings, Sandi. 🙏🏼

faithful forty: day 12

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay 

The kindness of humanity never ceases to amaze me. And today Sunday, the last day of February, 2021, we head into another month. I’m reminded by the generosity of people in the unlikeliest of places. About a month ago, I found myself in a store in northern New Mexico called Bode’s. Bode’s is located just across the street, next to the heart of Abiquiu. Some folks call Abiquiu, Georgia O’Keeffe country. Namely, because the renowned artist is an icon around these parts. Abiquiu Inn just city blocks away, (country style) has a nice restaurant, and gift shop and next to that, is the Georgia O’Keeffe Welcome Center.

Bode’s is located approximately, one hour, or 53 miles north of Santa Fe. It’s a mere ten miles from where I live. Picture this: you forget that your bank is mailing you a new debit card, because yours has been compromised by thieves. So, you walk into the store, and when you go to pay, your card is declined. The nearest town is about 35 minutes away. You remember that your new card is on the way.

That’s when the cashier understood my plight; my new card was on the way, but I forgot, and their ATM is not in working order. She kindly put in the few dollars I needed to complete my order. Her kindness reminds me of how I offered a little extra help when someone in front of me at a store was missing a few coins or dollars they are shy of. Some people accept this kindness, but others, fish for the remaining coins in their pockets, purses, or run back to their cars for the change (which I’ve done on a few occasions).

I love living in the country. I am a native New Mexican, and though I have lived in different cities, in other states, I always come back home. This is why: the sand of New Mexico runs through my veins – small towns, huge hearts. But more importantly, the kindness we show each other regardless of where we live is a great way to pay it forward 100 times over.

Happy Sunday, many blessings, and BTW, I’ve included links to Bode’s, Santa Fe, Georgia O’Keeffe Center, (currently closed to the public) and Abiquiu Inn. Enjoy! -Sandi

Faithful forty: day 11

Brain overload

Ok. Okay… I’m done trying to figure out the crazy sh##, we’re all watching, listening to, and shielding our eyes from. Okay, me. My eyes, my ears; words – media and otherwise. I like watching YouTube. I enjoy so many of the cool videos out there. And I catch myself watching news clips. CNN, CNBC, NBC, PBS, WP, and the list goes on.

On top of all that, my brain grapples with multi-dimensional theories and experiences. Like, what if God is us, and we are God, and we are so miniscule in God’s form, which is formless, that we can’t even be detected in a microscope? That we are God’s cells. That we are the space in the dark energy in the universe/multiverse…

No. I’m not trying to start a religious war of any kind. I just simply look at the miracles around me. How every morning I wake up, I’ve already had a glimpse of my future. My past, long gone. How my fur-kids lavish me with love I sometimes don’t deserve. How my brain can be on a negative track, and then just like that… I’m smiling again. I have hope. Faith, that in the midst of all of our global crisis’ we will survive, but not just survive, THRIVE. Yes, my brain hurts. But I can’t imagine what would happen if I didn’t have one. I guess I wouldn’t have a blog, and you wouldn’t know I exist. So much for existentialism. Especially, when you live it every day.

So, here’s to nothingness, and everythingness… Many blessings, Sandi