I still can’t get over it

The last thing I want is for God to get angry with me if indeed, Jesus walks amongst us, but hasn’t even made it to the Wikipedia list. Wouldn’t that be something?

IS the customer ALWAYS right?

Customer… can I please speak to your manager? CSR, ‘I’m sorry, but I’m just following company rules… Many blessings 🙏, Sandi

Water makes things grow

Be kind, be loving, be gentle with yourself – you’ll see things bloom before you know it… My Anchor recording says it best maybe. A picture is worth a thousand words (or in my case, less). This cottonwood is very old. All cottonwood trees, like any living thing really, needs water to survive. The farmer,…

Oh Shite, Mercury Retrograde shows her backside…

So, I’m getting ready to record on Anchor. My eyes are increasingly sensitive to light. So, I take this cool pink/fuchsia colored rag – I put it over the lamp, and boom… a great magenta color spins out. Then, I notice that there is an image of Jesus. Totally unintended. This is about my Anchor…

My journey with God

The problem that does exist though, is when spiritual gifts are used to produce negative, hateful, and evil results. Those of you who are healers, will understand this.