Clouded (harvest) moon

Sometimes I forget how adventurous it can be to let my dogs out for their last business thing at night. My little one Azra, was jumping around like a little pony barking at who knows what. and Benji my Bichon Frise, was on full alert, while watering a few weeds. I looked up to the…

Nope, not this time…

I watched the reflection of clouds bounce out of the water too, as if fish and clouds were in some kind of competition.

Blessed by a priest

Regardless of paths taken to find peace and calm, is it possible to recreate those conditions everyday? YES. Only you have the key to those places within you that allow for a steady stream of spiritual, mental, physical, and soul abundance that’s always there – quietly waiting to be tapped into at any time. Many…

Wind Kissed

Bark, calloused and weathered
skin shivers at the
slightest touch
Is this too much?