Motions and emotions

Northern New Mexico winds

I was drawn to record this amazing chatting of branches and trees. I had no idea what they were saying to each other. I hazarded a few guesses:

We’re free. Look how beautiful my hair is. Look how flexible I am. Look how beautiful and colorful I am. Don’t you just love yellow?

Were they talking to me? To each other? To all connected roots around them? Was it a warning? Change is near. Soon, you’ll see us for who/what we are. We will be naked. Be prepared.

I believe it’s all that and more I’ll never understand. But who needs to know when the beauty is so breathtaking, it’s all you can do but observe and breathe in nature in all its power and glory.

Many blessings folks! Sandi

Do you have too much of God in you?

Listen and please do share your opinion! Many blessings, Sandi

Source, Spirit, God, Higher Power…

But are you really listening?

Sandi’s Sacred Spritz – What is it?

Divinely inspired and guided to make – thanks for watching!

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Many blessings folks! Sandi

Playing dead

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Tightness grips my chest

Breathing slows

Hands on my breasts

Am I here?

Am I alive?

My hands go lower

My tight abdomen

Is bloated with guilt…

Another original by Sandi – O’vehlu

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I still can’t get over it

A list of self-proclaimed messiah’s: Why?

I’m very bothered by this lately. Why?

For those people who are patiently awaiting Jesus’ return, what must one do, with so many of these people floating around? Why?

This bothered me so much, that I am writing a post about it. I almost didn’t. Right this moment, I could easily close my laptop and do something else worthwhile. Like, catch up on some great Netflix shows. I wish I could wave a magic wand and bring truth to this confusion. Though, the messiah’s in question appear to be positive they in whatever alphabetical order they appear, are convinced they are the savior.

If I’m going to write this, I’m going to give it proper attention. And more questions than answers. So, let’s begin:

Would the real Jesus need to be on a list on Wikipedia?

Who is the real Jesus, and does He have to be a man?

Is Jesus a member of an 8-billion population today, 6/28/2021?

What on earth would Jesus say to this nonsense? Would he casually touch the heads of these fake messiah’s and forgive them and wake them from a long and dreamy sleep? (That’s what the real Jesus would do.)

Would the real Jesus profit off of the poor, confused, and brain-washed? Like with money, jets, mansions…

Would the real Jesus get angry with me for writing this with a touch of sarcasm and flippant questions with a bit of vinegar and water?

I will stop here with the questions. The reality is, there has always been wannabe messiah’s through the ages. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around why I am so deeply affected as of late with this nonsense. The last thing I want is for God to get angry with me if indeed, Jesus walks amongst us, but hasn’t even made it to the Wikipedia list. Wouldn’t that be something?

What are your thoughts folks? I’m ready, come at me – :=]

Many blessings, Sandi

Blessings of Conflict

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Blessings of conflict

Yes. There is always a way to resolve conflicts.

No. You can’t resolve certain conflicts.


Many blessings, Sandi

It’s just been a shitty day

Image by No-longer-here from Pixabay

I think this pic says it all… keep pushing forward. It’s also one of the most adorable pics I think I’ve ever seen. So, it fits perfectly for my Anchor episode: How much crappier can things get, but in the end, you simply can’t regret that you kept going, despite the urge to just give up. Many blessings folks, and keep on keeping on! Sandi


Image by StudioX10 from Pixabay

Day 8 0f 36, reading of my novella; Good.

The reading of section 8, titled ‘Good’, of my novella, ‘Light and Dark; a Pause in Writing. Listen here, if you’d like to have a listen!

Many of you are probably wondering, just how many mushrooms has Sandi eaten, you know, the good kind?

Be well folks, care for one another, and be good to yourself, Many blessings, Sandi.

Tipping Point

Image by kordula vahle from Pixabay 

Hi folks!

My 7th section is now available on Anchor. This is day 7 of 36 of my book reading: Light and Dark; a Pause in Writing.

When I realized we were on a vast ocean of water, I panicked…

Click here, if you’d like to listen to the reading of section 7. Many thanks, and many blessings, Sandi.