Happy Mother’s Day!

Good Friday

Indeed a Good Friday it is ; Happy Good Friday!

Big Pray – Chapter 21: ‘Good’ always breaks through

Big pray - Chapter 21 Sun can't be stopped - neither can your good intentions 🙏🏼

Big Pray – chapter 20: God’s art

Big Pray - chapter 20: Art in the sky is God's alone

PTSD’S got my back

Mental illness, doesn’t prevent people from experiencing miracles. In fact, in my case, I can observe the trigger and how it ends as miraculous. PTSD really does have my back, but it takes my sanity too. Yet it leaves me with a view to my present and a go into my future. Who would have thought?

Thanks for the listen! Many blessings, Sandi 🙏🏼

Big Pray – Chapter 14: Pray way more

Big Pray Chapter 14: Life is fleeting, pray more

Big Pray – Chapter 12: The beauty of vulnerability

Big pray Chapter 12 Being vulnerable is beautiful

Big Pray – Chapter 11: Bloom as beautiful as you grow

Big Pray Chapter 11: May you bloom as beautiful as you grow

Big Pray – Chapter 10: Sow and grow

Big pray Chapter 10: Grow with it, to become it

Big Pray – Chapter 8: Mother earth

Big Pray: Chapter 8 Thank you Mother earth