Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 59 Thank you Archangel Michael

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 59 Thank you Archangel Michael for your divine guidance and protection.

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 61 – Happy New year!

May your days start

Out with a smile and laughter

May your heart be happy

And full

May your past be behind you

And everything as new

As only you can do

May your mind be clear

And peaceful

Your feet firmly

On the ground

May you know how

Valuable and special

You are to have around

May you be blessed with all

Kinds of good things

Because you are deserving

Of it all

By O’vehlu – Sandi 🙏🏼

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 63

Divine Mother

I think about ending 2021, not with a bang, but with gratitude. My year, my experience, though quiet and filled with solitude, brought me here – back to myself.

The nurturer in me, trying hard to nurture myself. As if I’ve had to become my own mother, mothering me. Where’s the divine in that? It’s in everything a mother does.

I’ve learned thus far, caring for me isn’t selfish. In reality, I’m a mother of fur-kids. It may be more possible and easier to be selfish when you’re single, and just have dogs and plants to look after. But it’s really not that easy.

I have ageing parents. And I’m still learning that balance. What can I do for them, what can I do for me? Questions that plague adult children caregivers, of ageing parents.

So here I am, as I attempt to gently go into 2022. Because that’s what a mother does: gently ushers her children into the new.

Many blessings folks, 🙏🏼 Sandi

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 64

The crush

Each footstep taken
The sound of summer
Now broken
Fallen leaves
Piled in death and grief
The promise of beginnings
Chase my dreams
Into cold, wintry mornings
The frost I breathe
The endings I heave
The promise
Of things anew
And the awaiting of buds
To cue
The crush of belated
The crunch of blasts from
The past
Knowing these aren't
The last

By O'vehlu - Sandi
Many blessings 🙏🏼

Pre-Lenten Challenge: Day 65

Day 65 Pre-Lenten Challenge Where do you find comfort?

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 66

Azra: does this mean holidays are over?
Let's face it, holidays can 
be very special, but full of blessings and surprises.
Some good, some not.

As we head into 2022, I'm taking the surprising peace and ease of Christmas day, into the wrapping up of 2021; a year of challenges and difficulties felt globally.

I'm praying for peace in a restless world. For guidance and hope. For all who are suffering, and for more tolerance collectively, for who we are, what we bring to the table, and positive interactions with each other.

What are you praying for?

Many blessings folks 🙏🏼, Sandi

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 67

Hugs that save Christmas

For a moment
I forgot
For one moment
The mad chaos
That plagues me,
Hugs abound
All around
And yes,
It's Christmas
Food cooked slowly
Stomachs rumbled
The best can't be rushed
Save the best for
And leave Everything else
In the past
The gifts we give aren't
Always wrapped
They come in hugs
And the heart
Yes, it's Christmas
Pass it all around

Many blessings, 🙏🏼 Sandi

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 68

The path

Northern New Mexico

The path

Though long and


Led me here to you

Strong hands

Strong heart


It could only be


And when I hear

The echo of my own voice

It will be yours

That sings it back

To me

As mine becomes a

Whisper in your


– by Sandi, in honor of your divine, daily presence Jesus Christ

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