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As a maker of Sandi’s Sacred Spritz, I decided to create a page that is easier to navigate, talk more easily about what my Spritz’s are about, and share other creative projects that I enjoy.

Made with Lavender Essential Oil, Blessed Holy Water from Santo Tomas Church in Abiquiu, New Mexico, by Rev. Valentine Phu Au, Sea Salt, and Purified Water. Made in 4oz, spray bottles.

These ingredients along with the O’vehlu symbol, were inspired by divine guidance. Though I don’t practice any religions in particular, I am spiritual by nature, and have my own relationship with God.

Get yours today, with a FREE 1oz, Eucalyptus, Lavender, & holy water mix. New mix!

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What is ‘O’vehlu‘?

Put simply, the symbol O’vehlu (my logo) means, ‘Journey to God’. The holy trinity, a different concept is similar to the cross of Jesus Christ. The top portion is Spirit/God/Father, middle: Jesus Christ/Son, bottom portion: Soul/holy spirit.

This symbol was shown to me by the angelic realm. From there, I made a tattoo of it on my right arm. It is my logo and I’m proud of it!

Many blessings! Sandi