Sandi’s Sacred Spritz

Freshen up, clear away negative energy, and revel in a calming lavender scent!

A mix of holy water blessed by REV. VALENTINE PHU AU, at the Santo Tomas church in Abiquiu, NM, lavender essential oil, purified water, and sea salt, in a 1oz (by request) 2oz. and 4oz spray bottle: Available in clear and amber colors. I was Inspired by divine angelic guidance, to help clear away negativity, promote the self-healing process, and add a wonderful lavender scent to any room.

Sandi’s Sacred Spritz – Lavender

Sandi’s Sacred Spritz – Lavender 2oz

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Sandi’s Sacred Spritz – Lavender 4oz

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New to the scene, Lemony Sandi’s Sacred Spritz!

New to the scene, is Sandi’s Lemony Sacred Spritz! This is made with Lemongrass essential oil, purified water, and River Jordan holy water. (Blessed holy water from Father Valentine at St. Thomas church in Abiquiu, NM when available) in of pure heavenly lemony scents! 4oz bottles also available in both lavender and lemongrass spritzers!

Lemony Sandi’s Sacred Spritz 4oz

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Sandi’s Lemony Sacred Spritz – Lavender 2oz

$10.00 Buy now

How do these work? Very similar to the benefits of sage smudge sticks, this spray without needing a match, also cleanses and purifies the air, objects, and persons. Lavender is known for its calming, tranquil, and serene properties. It’s convenient, smells divine, and ready to use in a small spray bottle you can put in your purse, car, or anywhere really. Inspired by divine guidance and inspiration, I came up with this at a time when my life was challenging, and wrought with chaos. Now, I’m sharing it with you. As supplies are limited, I will work diligently with supply and demand.

How to use: spray lavishly around areas in the home, office, or vehicles. Can also be used as a perfume: spray away from body, and walk into the spray… absolutely divine – literally!

~Every spray bottle is lovingly and carefully handled from start to finish, during the mixing process.~

Disclaimer: For external use only – not to be consumed. For those who are sensitive to oils and perfumes, this may cause an allergic reaction.

River Jordan

Holy water from the river Jordan; refreshing, healing, & sacred.

Lavender Essential Oil

Calming, wonderfully scented oil that settles the mind, & soothes the soul.

Lemongrass Essential oil: Skin care, hair care, natural deodorizer, and the list goes on!
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Purified H2O

Purified water; sparkling, clean, & fresh – the perfect mix.

Sea Salt

Detoxifies & removes negative energy from energetic fields.