Motions and emotions

Change is near. Soon, you’ll see us for who/what we are. We will be naked. Be prepared.

Source, Spirit, God, Higher Power…


Can getting what you want be bad for you?

Messy or organized chaos?

Alright y’all… God’s Spritz? I mean really? As hard as it is to believe, every bottle is lovingly, and carefully measured with all natural ingredients: Holy Water from the River Jordan, sea salt, purified water, and lavender essential oil. Sometimes, the measurements vary slightly. I don’t think or worry about it. Each bottle is madeContinue reading “Messy or organized chaos?”


Break the chains; set yourself free.

Faithful Forty: Day 38

Things I learned from my brother…

Faithful Forty: Day 28

It’s your turn.

Faithful Forty: Day 18

The truth is if I counted every petal only the stalk would remain any day of the week and as warm and bright as the sun you remain the beauty that you see mirrored back every day though you don’t see it that way but it’s true the soft and ridged petals pink, red, yellow,Continue reading “Faithful Forty: Day 18”