Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 46 The Protector

Pre-lent – I challenge you; day 75

God speaks through clouds: pic by Sandi

75 days until lent, starting today, 12/17/21.

Lent starts on March 2 – April 14, 2022. Sundays are not included, which brings the days to 46 technically, but these are sacred dates, and the calendar as we know it, doesn’t quite matter too much.

Last year, I started ‘Faithful Forty’ and diligently wrote for 40 days and 40 nights… without missing one day. Fellow bloggers, and readers, I challenge you to write 75 days straight until lent begins. Choose your topic, but whatever you write, be sure to do so authentically. Ask yourselves how Jesus Christ would do this and do that. Fiction, non-fiction, whatever.

Just bring your whole self to it. When I started ‘Faithful Forty’, I didn’t think I would do it. Somehow, I did. So can you.

Let’s go.