Source, Spirit, God, Higher Power…


Can getting what you want be bad for you?

Messy or organized chaos?

Alright y’all… God’s Spritz? I mean really? As hard as it is to believe, every bottle is lovingly, and carefully measured with all natural ingredients: Holy Water from the River Jordan, sea salt, purified water, and lavender essential oil. Sometimes, the measurements vary slightly. I don’t think or worry about it. Each bottle is madeContinue reading “Messy or organized chaos?”


Break the chains; set yourself free.

Faithful Forty: Day 40

My mom nearly twisted my arm.

Faithful Forty: Day 38

Things I learned from my brother…

Faithful Forty: Day 28

It’s your turn.

Faithful Forty: Day 24

Decisions, decisions, decisions… I’m reminded that making real, honest choices, can impact our lives more than others. Today, it’s like a super swirling spin top. I wonder where it stops? I’m trying not to overthink or worry about the consequences, but let’s be honest, some decisions are influenced by emotion. Some, by urgencies. Some, asContinue reading “Faithful Forty: Day 24”

Faithful Forty: Day Eight

Thank you