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Yes / No

The permission we give ourselves to say yes, and the amounts of times we say no, is a good indicator of how often we take care of ourselves, or others. It’s not a good thing, it’s not a bad thing. However, things do get very challenging when we can’t/don’t say no.

So, why don’t we say no more often?

Will we disappoint people? The ones that you said ‘yes’ to way too many times and now it’s nearly impossible to say no?

Just say no.

Is it really that simple? Yes and NO. Let’s start with the hard one: No. One, because as stated above, ‘yes’ has already been used enough that no is like a slap on the face. Two, it’s basically expected in some cultures to bend over backward and forward for family. And friends. Three, you will feel like a three-eyed monster and be treated that way if you say no.

So, now, yes: It’s that simple to say yes, when you can, because you’re not being asked to sell all the houses on your block for one (realtors, not included!). Two, unless it’s requesting to turn the world upside down, it’s pretty easy to help people out. … And it does feel good.

So, when to say no? When you just simply can’t. Period. End of story. Be good to you. Be good to others’ and I’m wishing you many blessings. – Sandi

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