Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 43


Gibbous moon – Jan 18, 2022: northern New Mexico

Gibbous moon meaning:


  1. (of the moon) having the observable illuminated part greater than a semicircle and less than a circle.
    • convex or protuberant.”gibbous eyes”

January’s gibbous moon, on more astrological grounds, might have some emotional depth sweeping through internally, that might be at the core of some jealousy, guilt-tripping, emotional manipulation and overall relationship drama and yucky stuff.

This entry isn’t to give advice. Afterall, I’m embroiled in all this too. But I love the pic. I happened to go out to deal with the cat’s litter and was overcome by the beauty and power of the moon. So, I pulled out my camera, and boom, here we are. I was struck with how this resembles an eye pupil, except white. What I felt was wow, am I being watched? By whom? Why? Paranoid a bit?

Yes. We are also in mercury retrograde, Jan 14-Jan 25 – 3 Weeks of yuk. Mercury appears to be going backward but has slowed down a bit. Like the moon, the fifth planet of our solar system is playing tricks on us. The moon pulls on oceans which in turn, pulls on us emotionally. after all, we are made up of more than 75% water… Mercury rules our mental positions/dispositions. When Mercury slows, it seems like it’s going backwards. It’s not. It’s an optical illusion of sorts. So, we revisit things. Our actions. Convos come to a slow or not at all, or simply disrupted. Electronics and vehicles can also be affected.

I guess I’m just trying to say this: It’s okay to go deep emotionally. It’s okay to have communication manipulated to the point that it may be to our advantage. So, the message? FIND YOUR ADVANTAGE.

If your emotions are buried, its ok, maybe it’s time to uncover these very real and important parts of ourselves? If you are delayed for whatever reason in any and all capacities, then there’s a reason. Trust it.

Folks, be kind to yourselves. Be kind to others.

Many blessings, Sandi