The ‘li’ in slime

Mental health, and the care involved in maintaining something good and hopeful, takes courageous acts. No matter the mental battle, there’s the good fight, or the one that leads to inner breakage and harm. How do we keep fighting the good fight? There is no special type of warfare. No magical battleground. No words toContinue reading “The ‘li’ in slime”


Can getting what you want be bad for you?

Messy or organized chaos?

Alright y’all… God’s Spritz? I mean really? As hard as it is to believe, every bottle is lovingly, and carefully measured with all natural ingredients: Holy Water from the River Jordan, sea salt, purified water, and lavender essential oil. Sometimes, the measurements vary slightly. I don’t think or worry about it. Each bottle is madeContinue reading “Messy or organized chaos?”


Break the chains; set yourself free.

Faithful Forty: Day 40

My mom nearly twisted my arm.

Faithful Forty: Day 30

Expressing great gratitude for all that I receive, and am able to give.

Faithful Forty: Day 17

Let us run to Mary, and, as her little children cast ourselves into her arms with perfect confidence. — Saint Francis de Sales Many blessings, Sandi