The ‘li’ in slime

Mental health, and the care involved in maintaining something good and hopeful, takes courageous acts. No matter the mental battle, there’s the good fight, or the one that leads to inner breakage and harm. How do we keep fighting the good fight? There is no special type of warfare. No magical battleground. No words toContinue reading “The ‘li’ in slime”

Water makes things grow

Be kind, be loving, be gentle with yourself – you’ll see things bloom before you know it… My Anchor recording says it best maybe. A picture is worth a thousand words (or in my case, less). This cottonwood is very old. All cottonwood trees, like any living thing really, needs water to survive. The farmer,Continue reading “Water makes things grow”


Can getting what you want be bad for you?


Break the chains; set yourself free.

Faithful Forty: Day 29

Your reality may be someone else’s insanity.

Faithful Forty: Day 20

I’ve made a lot of assumptions about people and situations. I’ve done so because people can be predictable. However, I find I am wrong today. I don’t know that I can advise anyone on how to not make assumptions, but I can say, what if the opposite of what you think is true? I’m makingContinue reading “Faithful Forty: Day 20”

Faithful Forty: Day Four

Behind … the lidWisdom hidThoughts contractHints of a trapHere nor thereDoubts explodeLike a flare Soul growsOnly God knowsGod knowsFlint afireThe body tiresSpirit risesSeemingly from ashes @ovehlu