Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 68

The path

Northern New Mexico

The path

Though long and


Led me here to you

Strong hands

Strong heart


It could only be


And when I hear

The echo of my own voice

It will be yours

That sings it back

To me

As mine becomes a

Whisper in your


– by Sandi, in honor of your divine, daily presence Jesus Christ

Faithful Forty: Lenten Poetry

Lent 2021 Poetry

The falling leaves

have drifted gently in

the breeze

Mixing with the earth

the ground fertile

mixing with air

Becoming one with

the sun

and being dipped into soft

burning embers

a spring filled with light

and in all I can delight

Why then, does my heart tear?

A look around,

my empathy flares

a look around,

beauty surrounds

Where too then shall my

Thoughts go,

If not with you in the end?

┬ęSandi Martinez