Nope, not this time…

A perfect day to fish in Pecos, New Mexico – Monastery Lake: Benedictine Monastery.

If I were a fisher chic, It would’ve been perfect conditions to fish in this lake today. I sat with the stillness and in the background, I noticed the fish jumping out of the water. I soaked in the fresh, clear, and crisp air. I watched the reflection of clouds bounce out of the water too, as if fish and clouds were in some kind of competition.

Upon a closer look though, I noticed the school of tiny fish come closer to me. As if they were showing me something. But what? Eventually, they’ll grow bigger, and may end up at the end of the fish hooks of the many fishing rods searching and tricking them to bite.

Temptations maybe?

Foreboding signs?

It’s not like these fish can escape a life of escaping… The bright side? They’re all in it together.

Something we can all learn as humans? Living in a giant lake for a fish bowl can’t be that bad? I loved the day and the hope it brings. After all, living is a part of being in the dying process. Only to be born again and again.

Many blessings folks! Oh, and happy fishing! Sandi