Big Pray – chapter 16: Peace – the stage for inner balance

Big Pray - Chapter 16: Peace exists to remind us; battles prepare us for the war within

Pre-Lenten Challenge: Day 65

Day 65 Pre-Lenten Challenge Where do you find comfort?

Pre-Lenten Challenge Day 70

I’m not a religious person. Nor do I intend on defending my relationship with God.

I think that’s all that is asked of us, by God/higher power/great spirit. The energy that swirls around us every second we breathe. The one we can’t explain.

Breathe it in. After all, it is already a part of us.

Many blessings folks, Sandi

Blessed by a priest

Regardless of paths taken to find peace and calm, is it possible to recreate those conditions everyday?

YES. Only you have the key to those places within you that allow for a steady stream of spiritual, mental, physical, and soul abundance that’s always there – quietly waiting to be tapped into at any time. Many blessings folks! Sandi