Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 61 – Happy New year!

May your days start Out with a smile and laughter May your heart be happy And full May your past be behind you And everything as new As only you can do May your mind be clear And peaceful Your feet firmly On the ground May you know how Valuable and special You are toContinue reading “Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 61 – Happy New year!”

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 68

The path The path Though long and Winding Led me here to you Strong hands Strong heart Jesus, It could only be You And when I hear The echo of my own voice It will be yours That sings it back To me As mine becomes a Whisper in your Memory – by Sandi, inContinue reading “Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 68”

Faithful Forty: Day 18

The truth is if I counted every petal only the stalk would remain any day of the week and as warm and bright as the sun you remain the beauty that you see mirrored back every day though you don’t see it that way but it’s true the soft and ridged petals pink, red, yellow,Continue reading “Faithful Forty: Day 18”