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Clouds swirl

a second in time

When I knew my mind

The lines unbroken

Pain unspoken

slowly poisoning

gray matter

What does it matter?

It all fades anyway

memories, good times and

bad times

The blur of everything lived

the bad things buried


do they all fade too

with the mist that becomes

us in time,

a fog that maybe, just maybe

in time



©Sandi Martinez – O’vehlu

Lent – verbal read on Desiderata

Last day of Pre-Lenten Challenge. Poem, Desiderata on YouTube, read aloud by me.

On December 17th, 2021, I began my 75-day Pre-Lenten challenge. I wrote faithfully, posts that might encourage people to do things differently prior to Lent. I’m not sure of my success. But I do know this, it was a challenge for me to write daily for 75 days, daily.

I gave myself that challenge because normally, writing has a cathartic effect on me. I, however, had not been giving myself this gift. The reason why I blog. The real question for me now, is will I keep writing, even if not daily, but most certainly often? Now, let’s move on to Lent.

The three elements of Lent: Prayer, fasting, Almsgiving.

Prayer: simply put, pray more. Pray for anything and everything. What needs healing and comes from your heart.

Fasting: Sometimes this can mean sacrificing foods for a certain length of time. Lent is celebrated for 40 days. So, we give up foods we love during Lent.

Almsgiving: I really like this one, because we are more attuned to thinking about people who might need more; those who are in need, be it money, clothes, or food. This is where maybe we go through our closets and ask ourselves if we wore the same thing during the year, or even last six months? If not, you forgot you had it. Maybe give it to charity? How about close acquaintances that you might not be in touch with regularly, but you check on them via an actual phone call, just to say hi, and how are you? I can go on, and on, with this one but I also encourage you to get creative. Also, do you have to be Christian or Catholic to celebrate Lent? While I personally can’t answer that question and not offend religions, I will only say this: I observe in my own way, even though I’m neither Catholic nor Christian. I deepen, celebrate, and appreciate my relationship with God (not just during Lent).

I welcome any ideas or thoughts on Lent from you all. Today is a beautiful day in so many ways. Thank you for sharing it with me. Many blessings, Sandi.

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 64

The crush

Each footstep taken
The sound of summer
Now broken
Fallen leaves
Piled in death and grief
The promise of beginnings
Chase my dreams
Into cold, wintry mornings
The frost I breathe
The endings I heave
The promise
Of things anew
And the awaiting of buds
To cue
The crush of belated
The crunch of blasts from
The past
Knowing these aren't
The last

By O'vehlu - Sandi
Many blessings 🙏🏼

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 68

The path

Northern New Mexico

The path

Though long and


Led me here to you

Strong hands

Strong heart


It could only be


And when I hear

The echo of my own voice

It will be yours

That sings it back

To me

As mine becomes a

Whisper in your


– by Sandi, in honor of your divine, daily presence Jesus Christ

Pre-Lenten Challenge: day 73


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It can’t be compared

It can’t be understood

no, not really

the beauty that is you

the stars, galaxies, dark matter

you matter

– Many blessings, Sandi

Playing dead

Image by Engin Akyurt from Pixabay

Tightness grips my chest

Breathing slows

Hands on my breasts

Am I here?

Am I alive?

My hands go lower

My tight abdomen

Is bloated with guilt…

Another original by Sandi – O’vehlu

Hear the full poem below on Spotify!


Image by vishnu vijayan from Pixabay

We all know how devastating 2020 was all around the world – a global crisis – for me, it centered around internal battle, spiritual wars, and the will to get up and keep fighting. The poem below is also recorded on Spotify. I’ve included a few lines here:

I flip off my shoes

and lay back on my couch

my sweet dogs are at my feet

their warmth surrounding me

I try to close my eyes

as my body loosens…

Many blessings folks – BTW, crying is a form of medicine for me. What is it for you? Sandi

Faithful Forty: Lenten Poetry

Lent 2021 Poetry

The falling leaves

have drifted gently in

the breeze

Mixing with the earth

the ground fertile

mixing with air

Becoming one with

the sun

and being dipped into soft

burning embers

a spring filled with light

and in all I can delight

Why then, does my heart tear?

A look around,

my empathy flares

a look around,

beauty surrounds

Where too then shall my

Thoughts go,

If not with you in the end?

©Sandi Martinez

Faithful Forty: Day 28

Your turn

It’s your turn
Dig deep
Swim wide
Eyes open
Who are you?

What will you do?

Your heart yearns
Begs the
Now, later, never

Your soul
As old as the
Merges with the unknown
Why fight
Maybe just flow?

What will you do?

Another day is done
Embrace that
Cheer them on
Hold their hand
It’s your turn.


Faithful Forty: Day 18

Faithful Forty: Day 18

The truth is

if I counted every petal

only the stalk would remain

any day of the week

and as warm and bright as

the sun

you remain

the beauty that you see

mirrored back every day

though you don’t see it

that way

but it’s true

the soft and ridged petals

pink, red, yellow, all colors

bounce back your beauty

inside, out, in all ways

you are you,

I hope that you can see

what I see

delicate, soft, yet

strong, resilient

don’t forget

when you look in the mirror

you see everyone,

we connect, shine, and reflect

each other.

©Sandi Martinez